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Mango-Passion Fruit Turnovers

Maria’s Gourmet Pastries is an excellent family-run neighborhood bakery, reports rworange. Seventy five cents gets you an excellent little “exotic turnover.” READ MORE

Garlicky Fried Chicken Fun and Also Jook Fun

An order of garlic chicken at Jook N Fun is a whole chicken, albeit a small one. And it’s a mere $8. READ MORE

The House

House Restaurant stacks food tall with high-quality technique, fanciful mosaic-like presentations, and vibrant flavors, says Melanie Wong. READ MORE

Fisherman’s Wharf Survival Guide

Sooner or later, whether you’re a local or visitor, highbrow or lowbrow, native or transplant, you’ll need to eat at Fisherman’s Wharf. Fear not: it can be done. READ MORE

Shanghai Style Banquet at Claypot

Claypot can put together a great banquet if you balance your order well. READ MORE

Around India, Around The Bay

Bored with dosas? Done with the Pakwan/Shalimar/Naan’n’Curry standards? Then it’s time to branch out and try other Indian regional offerings! READ MORE

Pricey Chinese: Abalone vs. Lobster

If you want pricey, rare Chinese ingredients, go with a straight-up Cantonese seafood specialist. READ MORE

Sushi at Kaygetsu

Sushi is done to perfection by one of the Bay Area ’s sushi masters at Kaygetsu. READ MORE

Making the Best of “No Eats Valley”

Noe Valley gets a big “eh” from hounds in comparison to more chowish nabes like the Mission, the Inner Sunset, or Clement Street. READ MORE

Is It Napa? Is It France? It’s Angele

Angele is among the top unstuffy French restaurants in the area. READ MORE