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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the SF Chowhound community.
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A Little Place for Crêpes

Laurel Street Café is a great budget-priced French place, very Gallic in vibe and very family in feel. READ MORE

Beef Noodle Like in the Streets of Taipei

ASJ’s niu rou mian is the closest you’ll find to the kind you can buy from street vendors in Taipei. READ MORE

Stromboli Heaven

At Lola’s, Parry’s, and Gumbah’s. READ MORE

A Meat-and-Potatoes Mood

At the Basque Cultural Center, a Sunday dinner special includes lamb stew and prime rib. READ MORE

Extremely Greasy Doughnuts at O’Henry

The crisp exterior, fluffy interior, and smooth glaze can’t redeem these pastries. READ MORE

Saigon-style Pho at Pho Tan Hoa

Rich, dark broth with just a hint of star anise and ginger. READ MORE

Delicious in a Painful Way

Food so hot that it makes you convulse. READ MORE

Pastrami and Cookies at ’wichcraft

Says one hound: “As much as I enjoy talking smack about East Coasters, this is one New York import that deserves our respect.” READ MORE

Sushi Quest ’07

Sushi Monster went to 25 restaurants in search of “a sushi lunch experience of transcendental, near-orgasmic quality.” READ MORE

Stormy’s Primal Energy

Gorgeous, glorious prime rib at Stormy’s Spirits & Supper. READ MORE