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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the SF Chowhound community.
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Little Sichuan Still Sizzles

The food is just as good at an improved location. READ MORE

Alfresco Tamales

Outdoor vendor in Richmond serves up the good stuff. READ MORE

Chinese Seafood Barbecue

Perfectly crisped HK dishes at SF’s S&T. READ MORE

King Won Ton Kicks It Really Old School

Jook sing noodles made with a bamboo pole—we think. READ MORE

Bengali Delights at Rangoli Sweets

Excellent hard-to-find delicacies. READ MORE

Smokin’ Peruvian Chicken

Hot off the rotisserie at Fonzie’s. READ MORE

Vietnamese Crepe Greatness

SF’s best bánh xèo. READ MORE

Szechuan Cuisine’s New Trend

An oddly named restaurant in Mountain View. READ MORE

Afghan Kebabs, Fresh Off the Grill

An unexpected find in the San Jose Flea Market. READ MORE

Frozen Yogurt Favorites

Finding the fro-yo tanginess we crave. READ MORE