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Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"I've always wondered about the short rib ravioli with fresh horseradish and fresh herbs—insanely good." – w... READ MORE

Flesh Eating for 3.4 Million Years, Signs of the Apocalypse, Hooters

Next Up, Apocalypse?: News surfaced in the UK that meat from the offspring of cloned cows ended up in the food supply last year. Food products from cloned animals are supposed to "pass a safety evaluation and gain authorization before they are marketed in Europe." Additionally, genetically modified canola was spotted growing wild along roadsides in North Dakota, an "unprecedented" escape into the wild of GMOs. via BBC News and the Cornucopia Institute READ MORE

When Restaurants and Diapers Mix

Who changed a stinky diaper on Raphael Brion's day? The Eater scribe heaped scorn on the launch of Taster Tots L.A., a new Los Angeles restaurant blog for parents: "Taster Tots certainly has its place in that the breeders will find it a handy guide. It can be helpful to know who has chicken fingers or serves pasta with butter. And the rest of us will use it as an anti-Yelp: Any place that's recommended as being child- and especially baby-friendly, people will happily know to avoid," Brion wrote. READ MORE

Rediscovering Traditional Cheesemaking

Rico Milan is the founder of Queso Salazar, based in Livermore, California. Queso Salazar is a traditional cheesemaking company that produces queso fresco and queso Oaxaca. Its cheeses can be found at several Bay Area farmers' markets. is proud to be a sponsor of the Eat Real Festival on August 27–28 in Oakland, California, where Rico Milan and his family will be appearing. When my wife's parents, Moises and Estrela Salazar, moved to Livermore 16 years ago to retire, they left behind their cattle ranch in Oaxaca and over 54 years of making traditional Mexican cheeses. READ MORE

Latest Trend in Craft Brewing: Selling Out?

Is craft brew going corporate? What's been going on this week? It seems like every other day there's been a report of a brewery being picked up by investors or consolidating with another. READ MORE

No Ice Cream Maker? No Problem!

Not owning an ice cream maker is no barrier to making ice cream or a delicious dessert that resembles it. This technique is similar to m... READ MORE

What Kind of Clams Are Perfect with Pasta?

When making pasta with clam sauce, what is the best type of clam to use? Hounds who prefer chopped clams in their sauce like to use the l... READ MORE

Simple White Fish Preparations with Punch

Light-textured white fish such as cod, flounder, and snapper are subtly flavored, and can even seem bland. If you can get them very fresh, ... READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"When I was finally able to resist tearing into my bread long enough for it to cool, it really was infinitely better than when I had i... READ MORE

Easy-Growing Miniature Butter Lettuce

Granted, this may be an odd time of the year to write about lettuce seeds, but I'm going to do it anyway, because I am so stoked on how well a variety of butterhead lettuce called Tom Thumb is performing in my garden boxes. It produces tiny, fist-sized versions of butter lettuce, and because it's a miniature variety it matures in only about 30 days. The size makes it an ideal container-gardening crop; it really doesn't need a lot of room to grow, and it's just about the ideal portion for a single serving of salad per head. READ MORE