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Real Corned Beef Hash (Or Not)

Real corned beef hash can be so delicious, it’s strange that so many places only serve the kind that comes in a can. READ MORE

Pupusa Catering Tip

The best bite at last month’s Cinco de Mayo fair in Santa Rosa was a Salvadoran pupusa, reports Melanie Wong. READ MORE

Asian Potato Salad

Don’t be surprised to see mayo-based potato salad as an accompaniment to Japanese food or served as a “panchan” with a Korean meal. READ MORE

Licorice, Anyone?

Licorice comes in black, red, salty, or sugarless varieties. Here are some of the Chowhounds’ favorite online sources. READ MORE

The Secret Life of Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk (SCM) has lots of uses beyond key lime pie and Thai iced tea. READ MORE

Superior Shrimp Cocktail

The best shrimp cocktails begin, naturally, with the best shrimp. READ MORE

Simple Dressing Formulas

Here are some simple formulas for combining condiments to create common dressings. READ MORE

Summer Cooler with Heat: Gazpacho at Kitchen/Market

Kitchen/Market serves spectacular gazpacho–chunky and spicy, with well-rounded flavors, chile heat, and a wallop of garlic. READ MORE

Dandy Hot Dog for a Dollar in Chinatown

When you think Chinatown, you probably don’t think hot dogs, but HLing suggests you think again. READ MORE

Grumpy in Greenpoint: Espresso with Seattle Flair

Cafe Grumpy brews uncommonly fine espresso, Seattle style. READ MORE