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Fakin’ It, Asian-Style

Did you go vegetarian but miss meat? A bunch of Asian vegetarian restaurants can fill the void with dishes using “fake meat” with fairly convincing taste and texture. READ MORE

Pricey Chinese: Abalone vs. Lobster

If you want pricey, rare Chinese ingredients, go with a straight-up Cantonese seafood specialist. READ MORE

Sushi at Kaygetsu

Sushi is done to perfection by one of the Bay Area ’s sushi masters at Kaygetsu. READ MORE

Ebb Tide: Fish Shack, Westchester Style, in Port Chester

The menu flows with the catch at Ebb Tide, a riverside seafood house in Port Chester. READ MORE

Vern’s Toffee

Low humidity makes Colorado an excellent place for making toffee, says dml. These folks use no preservatives or chemicals. READ MORE

Catalogue Your Wines, and Lots More

You can now catalogue your wine collection online. READ MORE

Hot Sauce with Flavor

El Yucateco is a hot sauce with plenty of habanero heat, but it’s flavorful and aromatic, as well. READ MORE

Making the Best of “No Eats Valley”

Noe Valley gets a big “eh” from hounds in comparison to more chowish nabes like the Mission, the Inner Sunset, or Clement Street. READ MORE

Is It Napa? Is It France? It’s Angele

Angele is among the top unstuffy French restaurants in the area. READ MORE

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Gelato

This little hole-in-the-wall gelateria has lower prices and much better gelato than the often-touted Al Gelato, says Nicole. READ MORE