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Destination Baking

Unlike so many of the crappy bakeries in the area, which bake up frozen, prefab items, Destination Bakery bakes true, says Atomica. Destination makes every element of their baked goods from scratch, except for the little round chocolate candy topping so READ MORE

We Will Give You All of Our Cannolis and Biscotti

Everybody who likes cannolis, biscotti, and focaccia absolutely must go to La Biscotteria, screams hhc. Cannolis are made fresh from good ingredients: mascarpone, ricotta, and a little wine. Foccacia is topped with ingredients fresh from the baker’s gar READ MORE

You’re Going to Eat That?

Notations of “Sell by,” “Use by,” or “Expires on” protect the seller and remind the buyer when the stuff was purchased. Common sense dictates that meat and seafood should be used quickly for best flavor and healthfulness. If you can’t use it soon after READ MORE

We Now Pronounce These Ingredients “Married”

Lots of preparations are even better a day or two later, after the flavors have had a chance to meld, or “marry.” Here are some classic examples … READ MORE


Quark is a fresh cultured cheese of German origin that’s easy to find in Europe but relatively unknown in the U.S. It’s a little tangy (like buttermilk), but not sour. Consistency ranges from loose (a la sour cream) to cream cheese stiffness, and quark is READ MORE

Take This Out to the Ball Game

Next time you crave Cracker Jack, try this fresher, tastier homemade version instead (courtesy of toodie jane). You’ll have to supply your own prize, though! ... READ MORE

Sigiri: Fresh, Fiery Sri Lankan in the East Village

Sigiri showcases the robust spicing and surprising flavors of Sri Lanka in specialties like devilled kingfish, which is cooked on the grill, then tossed in a fiery-sweet sauce of chile, onion, and tomato. Devilled dishes (which are also made with beef, po READ MORE

For Struggling Kabab Cafe, a Surge of Chowhound Power

July’s ruinous blackout in Queens ended after nine miserable days–but for many restaurants, the misery didn’t lift when the lights came back on. At Astoria’s Kabab Cafe, a board favorite for soulful Egyptian chow, the power failure reportedly fried the READ MORE

Torta Nirvana

Nirvana may be closer than you think–torta-wise, estone888 says YaYa’s are truly transcendent. There’s an astounding variety, all fresh and fantastic. Makes Super Tortas (otherwise great, especially the Alvarado location) look like a dump. ... READ MORE

Checking Out Macau Street

An exploration of the traditional Macau dishes (and that’s Chinese-style, not Portuguese) at Macau Street. READ MORE