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Chocopologie: Sweet and Savory Bites in Norwalk, CT

Chocopologie is a newish cafe and sweet shop from master chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt, so, naturally, the chocolate is quite fine. ... READ MORE

Happy Joy: Malaysian Street Food, Cantonese Seafood and More

Happy Joy is delighting hounds with its unexpectedly ambitious menu of Malaysian and Cantonese food. This modest-looking joint on the eastern fringe of Chinatown–look for a red awning whose only English is the word “restaurant”–offers more than 300 ch READ MORE

Crabtacular in Chinatown

Ocean Seafood isn’t known for its dim sum, its service, or its circa-1985 d READ MORE

Have it Hunan Style

Hunanese restaurants, never too common, are even more rare now that Shiang Garden and Crown Caf READ MORE

Slow-Cooked Duck Legs

Michael Rodriguez has come up with a super-easy method for cooking duck legs perfectly, rendering out the fat and leaving lovely crunchy skin and luscious, moist meat. ... READ MORE

Super Cookware Innovation: Silicone Basting/Pastry Brushes

There’s been a silicone revolution in cooking implements in the past few years, and the newest super silicone helper is a brush for basting food and applying glazes. ... READ MORE

More on Preserving Berries in a Jar

To extend the life of fresh berries, put the unwashed berries in a glass jar, with the lid on, and pop them in the fridge. It works beautifully on strawberries; they’ll keep their fresh-from-the-farm taste for about two weeks. ... READ MORE

Costco Hummus

Hummus–the thick Middle Eastern sauce made from mashed chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic–is nutritious, great as a dip for vegetables and with pita bread. One of the better sources for hummus is Costco. ... READ MORE

The Streak

Jim’s second report shines some light onto his phenomenal 10-month food streak. Will it last through the CHOWTour? Check back daily to find out. READ MORE

Standing ova-tion

“It’s the best omelet you’ve ever tried!” claims the text of this egg-in-a-bag recipe currently being e-forwarded all over the place. Eggs a la Ziploc —delicious? Deadly? Or both? READ MORE