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Dot gone

Dotty Griffith, queen of the Dallas food scene, is officially off the clock. D Magazine reports that after nearly 30 years with the Dallas Morning News, Griffith is taking the money and running. READ MORE

Man vs. Cookie

On August 24th,Today’s Matt Lauer had a sit-down with Cookie Monster and grilled him about his eating habits. READ MORE

Egg on their faces

Ben and Jerry’s, after getting a serious beatdown by the Humane Society last week, has agreed to stop buying eggs from a large-scale producer that allegedly abuses chickens. READ MORE

Holy She Crab! Whole Fresh Crab Soup Dumplings

I know you hear constantly about Koi Palace, but news of their whole crab shanghai dumplings had me crawling under my writing desk and crying with need. READ MORE

La Fonda Has Its Act Together

Initial reports on La Fonda Taqueria said the place was disappointingly poor–all the food was either too salty or too bland. But give it another shot, says China–they deserve it. READ MORE

Taco Time: Two Good Bets in Westchester

Head for the back of Lupita’s, a Mexican and Central American grocery in Mamaroneck, and you’ll find a counter where they serve tasty, authentic tacos. READ MORE

Mound of Tunis – Maschera’s N. African Burger

This Italian restaurant with Tunisian influences serves an unusual and delicious burger, raves garnishgirly. READ MORE

Zabb Thai Comes to Manhattan; and Other New York News

Things may be looking up for Thai food in Manhattan. Zabb Thai, a Queens favorite for the rustic, fiery chow of Thailand’s northeastern Isaan region, has branched out in the East Village. READ MORE

Anonymous no More: La Bodeguita and Awesome Carnitas

It’s been recommended enthusiastically under its alias, “the no-name market at Summit and Hammond,” but Wild Swede has solved the mystery–this great Mexican spot is actually called La Bodeguita. READ MORE

Creamy Coleslaw Dressing

Tossing together a bowl of coleslaw is easier than ever, thanks to bags of pre-shredded slaw veggies in the produce section. But whether you shred the cabbage yourself or not, you need a real good dressing to make a worthy slaw. READ MORE