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Tofu Skin

Tofu skin (a.k.a. yuba) is wonderful stuff. It’s a thin skin that forms on top of boiled soy milk. The skin is dried in sheets and used for all sorts of applications after it’s been rehydrated. You can occasionally find it frozen, too. ... READ MORE

They Eat Horses, Don’t They?

Much of the world sees horse as a delicacy. Much of the world gets its horsemeat from America. Yet Americans won't touch it. READ MORE

Winter 2006 Gift Guide

Give like you've never given before. READ MORE

Bourbon Redux

Bourbon fans may have been disappointed by the lack of serious bourbon talk in these last few reports. The following podcast—long but informative—is for them. JB and I ramble on and on, running down what we’ve drunk and what we’ve learned … READ MORE

Switchit Dual Ended Small Spatula

Swings both ways. READ MORE

Madly in Love with Maxine’s

Any breakfast that includes mashed potatoes can’t be all bad. And while nothing at Stephen Foster Restaurant (503 W. Stephen Foster Avenue, Bardstown, Kentucky; 502-348-5076) will light your heart on fire, I did find their buffet charming. READ MORE

What Do You Eat in a Week?

Last week, food blogger Sam, of Becks & Posh, bravely posted her food diary for all to see. Now she has challenged other bloggers to track and photograph their weekly food consumption. And she’s getting some takers. READ MORE

Ring Thing

Opens bottles _and_ decorates your finger. READ MORE


Make fresh java in the wild. READ MORE

Mix & Measure Bowl

Three tasks, one bowl. READ MORE