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Four-Stop Ramen Slurping Spree

Pleasurepalate went ramen tasting recently, checking out Koraku, Shinsengumi Hakata Ramen, Santouka ,and Daikokuya. READ MORE

Stuffed: The Search for a Great Burrito in Pasadena

If you’re looking for a new burrito joint in the Pasadena area, the chile verde at Tonny’s has been getting raves lately. Chile verde burrito has huge chunks of tender, luscious pork (you can’t go wrong with pork here, says yoyomama). READ MORE

Supreming Citrus

To “supreme” a citrus fruit is to cut away its peel and pith, then remove its segments from between the membranes. READ MORE

Solid Honey

Unprocessed (i.e., raw) honey can become solid and need liquefying before you can use it easily. READ MORE

Fage Yogurt

Fage “Total” yogurt is a Greek strained yogurt, thick and tangy. READ MORE

Truffle Seasons

White truffles are on the market from early fall through December. They can be extravagantly expensive, especially when fresh. READ MORE

Doggies Dine Dallas

The Big D’s city council voted Wednesday to allow pooches on outdoor restaurant patios, joining several cities with such ordinances. But recently, unsavory canine behavior has caused one city’s first official “doggie dining” joint to ban the animals. READ MORE

Have You Seen This Farmer?

Lonely Welsh dairy farmers troll for dates on milk cartons, and a nation of breakfast eaters suddenly feels just a tiny bit less lame. READ MORE

The Jet Set

Forbes’ “Top Ten Gourmet Getaways” isn’t quite as tasty as it could be. READ MORE

Life Ain’t Nothing but Cupcakes and Tofu

Vegan cupcake baker (and tattooed punk rock enthusiast) Isa Chandra Moskowitz rises to the top of the New York Times’ hot list. READ MORE