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All pumpkins aren’t created equal when it comes to pie-making. The decorative pumpkins used for jack-o-lanterns is bred to have a thin outer skin so they’re easier to carve. They’re watery, stringy and not particularly sweet, Karen_Schaffer explain READ MORE

Hershey’s Has Gone Bananas over Elvis!

The interwebs are abuzz with the news that Hershey’s is rolling out an Elvis-inspired confection that’s fit for a King. READ MORE

The Cookies Didn’t Last a Day

San Francisco bus stops are cookie free today, after an advertising campaign that infused the scent of chocolate chip cookies into city bus shelters has been shut down. Hungry commuters will have to sniff elsewhere. READ MORE

Wine Geek Boat Trip

After a day of swirling, spitting, and grasping for just the right flavor adjectives, today Jack and Thelma announced we’d be doing champagne brunch on a boat. READ MORE

Bring On the Bubbles

A primer on champagne. READ MORE

From Me to You

Your host and hostess deserve your thanks. READ MORE

Singing for His Supper

Frank Terzoli sings the 'Top Chef' blues, or aria. READ MORE

Cherry on Top

The Philadelphia Weekly serves up an issue devoted to everyone’s favorite pastimes—food and sex. READ MORE

Think Global, Eat Local

Wired News presents a good overview of the “locavore” phenomenon—well-meaning folks doing their best to eat food produced within an arbitrary (generally less than 500 miles) distance of their homes. READ MORE

Neo-classic Holiday Dinner

Create your own tradition with our thoroughly modern menu. READ MORE