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Of Cheese and Food Snobbery

Ladygoat of the blog Foodgoat doesn’t think Morbier cheese is tasty enough to be “worth” its putrid smell—and some commenters seem to think that calls her true chowhound status into question. READ MORE

Staggering Toward Modernity: Minnesota

Finally staggering to its feet after decades of Prohibition-style liquor regulation, Minnesota legislators have introduced a bill to allow grocery stores to sell wine. READ MORE

Bargain Lox in Greenpoint and Other Smoked-Fish Tips

Acme Smoked Fish sells its wares to such higher-end purveyors as Zabar’s, Citarella, and Russ and Daughters–and, one morning a week, to us retail-paying civilians. READ MORE

The Chinatown Beat – Noodles, Oysters, and Killer Fried Chicken

A new contender has stepped forward in Chinatown’s hand-pulled noodle wars: Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle on East Broadway. READ MORE

No, Nobody Sat on Your Bagel – it’s From Montreal

Think it’s hard finding a New York bagel in this town? Try a Montreal bagel. READ MORE

L.A.’s Own Little Italy

L.A. may not be an Italian deli town, but the highest concentration of Italian Americans in the area (including families from the Ischia region) is in San Pedro. READ MORE

Oatmeal-Yogurt Pancakes

The flavor of oatmeal makes these pancakes sing for AnneInMpls, who makes extras on the weekend and reheats them in the toaster on busy mornings: READ MORE

Hanger Steak, Fast

Hanger steaks cook quickly in a cast iron skillet over high heat. READ MORE

An Education in Tea

Hou De Tea has recently added a tea blog which is surprisingly excellent. READ MORE

The Ways of Storing Cooked Rice

The problem: rice hates the fridge, and the fridge hates rice. READ MORE