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At MarkJoseph, a Seafood Tower Minus the Ice

MarkJoseph Steakhouse has a different take on the seafood tower. Rather than going raw and cold, theirs is cooked. READ MORE

Pollos El Paisa: Stellar Chicken in Westbury, L.I.

As the name would suggest, Pollos El Paisa is all about the chicken. READ MORE

More Gelato, More Fro-Yo Flavors

Change is in the air at Fiore, the tangy-yogurt place in Little Tokyo. READ MORE

Ramen Alert: Sherman Oaks and West LA

Sherman Oaks has a new ramen joint, Koraku, a sister restaurant to the one in Little Tokyo. READ MORE

Great-Great Aunt Josephine’s Sugar Cookies

Cream of tartar is the secret ingredient in pilotgirl210’s great-great aunt Josphine’s sugar cookies–it gives them a terrific, flaky texture. READ MORE

A Winner of a Chocolate Cookie

These chocolate crinkle cookies are fabulous, raves AnneInMpls–they taste like gooey, chewy brownie. READ MORE

Kettle Potato Chips

There are bunch of new flavored chips from the Kettle folks. READ MORE

Interesting Info about Lactose and Cheese!

Many hard and aged cheeses are virtually lactose free. READ MORE

A Pelagic Crab by Any Other Name …

The moment that most of us saw the Long John Silver’s TV ad for $2.99 “lobster bites,” we knew that something was up. READ MORE

Ramen Nation

To gain insight into poverty, a blogger limits his food budget to $1 per day. READ MORE