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Pecan Pie without Corn Syrup

Candy says this pecan pie is a nice change from those made with corn syrup-based fillings, but warns that using brown sugar made from beet sugar will lead to a gluey filling. READ MORE

Snazzy Sugar Cookie Decoration Technique

Colored egg yolk glazes (also called egg tempera) are a great way to decorate sugar cookies. They’re made by mixing small amounts of beaten egg yolk with food coloring. READ MORE

Foie Gras on the Half Shell

Yes, foie gras is occasionally served “cru,” i.e., raw. One such French preparation, “foie gras cru au gros sel”, is foie sliced thin like prosciutto, and sprinkled with coarse salt. READ MORE

Spiral Sliced Hams

For a party buffet or a family meal, spriral sliced hams are a real convenience. There are some good ones out there. READ MORE

The Emperor’s New Chocolates

The most expensive chocolate in America comes from Plano, Texas. But is it worth it? READ MORE

New Wine in Old Bottles

Is your Bordeaux bogus? Your Cabernet a counterfeit? Apparently 5 percent of the world’s most expensive wines are fakes. Put that in your glass and swirl it. READ MORE

New Food from the New EU

The shrinking globe in general (and growing EU, specifically) offers some exciting new culinary opportunities, or so writes the BBC. READ MORE

Death Be Not Hungry

Saddam Hussein’s execution, last meals, and death by Crock-Pot. READ MORE

Catch of the Day: Senegalese ‘Paella’ at La Marmite

La Marmite does a super job with the Senegalese fish specialty thiebou djenne–as good as any version around town. It’s a heaping plate of goodness, says Polecat: garlicky fish, rice, and huge chunks of carrot, yucca, and other vegetables. READ MORE

Le Bistro Elephant

Le Bistro Elephant serves very good small plates at a good value, says A Amore, like thick-cut, buttermilk-battered onion rings, dusted with melted cotija cheese and accompanied by a ketchup doctored with powdered chilis. READ MORE