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Fatty Nut Snack I Can’t Stop Eating

I love snacking on nuts. People complain, "But nuts are so fatty!" Yeah, I guess so. But then, so is your $6 crappuccino frothamocha, and I don't mock you over that, do I? Wait, I just did. Anyhoo, why not go for broke and snack not just on fatty nuts, but on fatty nuts frosted with sweet, sweet honey and tangy orange essence? Oh, are these ever good. The almonds are ultrafresh and crunchy, lightly roasted so they offer nice chewy resistance to the tooth. The honey flavor is fresh and buttery, not cloying; the orange has the delicate bouquet of orange blossoms. Heaven. READ MORE

Food52’s High-Tech Food Crisis Help Line

We are really digging food52's latest website addition, foodpickle, a real-time food help line. Just send questions to @foodpickle on Twi... READ MORE

Betty Draper’s Favorite Coffee Cup

So they wouldn't really have had cups like these back in Mad Men times, because in the early ’60s, coffee came in tiny little eight-ounce cups that were, by law, white. No one had ever thought of pouring an avalanche of cream and sugar into one's cup and calling it coffee; it was strong and hot and perked so bitter it could take the shine off a car's paint job. And they liked it that way, by golly! READ MORE

Pregnancy Water Salvation

Pregnant women have to drink so much water that it just gets boring. You're looking for anything—anything!—to jazz water up. My friend puts a dash of Peychaud's bitters in homemade soda water. A good one, although I'm not sure she's run it by her doctor. But if you'd rather play it safe, consider a new beverage called Ayala's Herbal Water. READ MORE

A Free Pass into the Cool Kids’ Cocktail Club

There are so many talented bartenders on the West Coast that I'm surprised it took this long for someone to capitalize on them and make a book. But Ted Munat and Michael Lazar just did, with their slick little book Left Coast Libations. If you are living and drinking fancy cocktails in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, or Vancouver, it feels a little like being given a secret decoder ring for the high-end cocktail scene, and it's also fun (and a little voyeuristic) to read the mini-profiles on the 51 bartenders. But this is definitely an advanced recipe book for serious cocktail geeks, full of gastriques, foams, smoked air, and kumquat marmalade. READ MORE

A Hideous Apron with an Unpleasant Surprise

The stock-in-trade at the Etsy shop of the, um, aptly named Leapinchubb is aprons. Specifically, aprons fitted with faux phalluses (pha... READ MORE

The Tiniest (Functional) Corkscrew in the World

British company True Utility makes stuff like heavy-duty LED flashlights and mini multipurpose tools that clip on your key ring. Now, the... READ MORE

5 Cookbooks for Dweebs and Nerds

5 Cookbooks for Dweebs and Nerds

Put on your pocket protectors, tape your glasses back together, and pretend you're still a virgin. Cooking for Geeks, a new cookbook by Jeff Potter, is probably the best science-meets-the-kitchen book to come out. Ever. If topics like "Initializing the Kitchen," "Functional Grouping," and "E Numbers: The Dewey Decimal System of Food Additives" don't get you excited, how about interviews with people like Mythbusters' Adam Savage about food myths and Harold McGee on food mysteries? READ MORE

Mutant Serving Utensils

What would happen if a utilitarian stainless-steel serving spoon, fancy heirloom silver, and a couple of hand tools were hybridized int... READ MORE

A Coffee Table Book for Food Voyeurs

A fascinating book just showed up at CHOW HQ called What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. The big coffee table photo book p... READ MORE