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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.
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Boiled Peanuts and ‘Cue

Southern delights at the Eagle Rock farmers’ market. READ MORE

Big Fish in a Shrinking Pool

Malaysian/Singaporean restaurants are becoming as rare in SoCal as a cool day in Kuala Lumpur. READ MORE

Indian-Restaurant Newcomers Fire It Up

The Indian dining scene on the Westside just got a boost with the opening of Agra Indian Kitchen. READ MORE

Hitting the Pinoy Trail

Great Filipino joints outside your basic cafeteria-style spot or fast-food eatery. READ MORE

Chowder Bowl, The Next Generation

Pa Pa Walk’s cream soup in fried toast, a Taiwanese treat. READ MORE

The Ultimate Banh Mi in SoCal

Banh Mi Cho Cu blows everyone else out of the water. READ MORE

Non-Dive Vietnamese

Pleasant places for good-value authentic food. READ MORE

A Taste of Honey

Inside a nightclub, Honey is a pretty good prospect for pre-entertainment dining, with a menu that is typically Hollywood eclectic. READ MORE

Crustacean-Lover’s Delight

Crab stew three ways at Ondal 2. READ MORE

The Yum in Yum Cha

The café may look run-down, but the food is eclectic and surprisingly good. READ MORE