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If you can stomach the thought of eating during horror movies, it makes sense to match your food to the flick—and it makes scary movie night even more fun. Just imagine serving split pea soup during a showing of “The Exorcist,” or roasting Cornish game hens to peck at during “The Birds.” Having a horror movie food and film fest is the perfect activity for Halloween fans who want a low-key evening (there’s never been a better time to stay home than 2020), but for some of us, this kind of thing goes on all year.

Frightfully FunHow to Host a Creepy Yet Classy Halloween PartyThere are far too many fantastic scary movies to list them all, and a lot lend themselves to pretty obvious (but no less gleefully ghoulish) pairings—like liver with “Silence of the Lambs,” or Swedish meatballs to go with “Let the Right One In.” But there are also scores of easier options with broader appeal, from ordering a pizza when you put on “House of the Devil” or offering Froot Loops during “Get Out,” to simply buying a bunch of pig snacks (pork rinds), Cornettos (or Nutty Buddy ice cream cones for a U.S. equivalent), and plenty of beer to round out a “Shaun of the Dead” viewing.

If you’re up for something slightly more ambitious, try one of the recipes below, handpicked to accompany some of our favorite horror movies. They’re roughly split between sweet and savory, so for your socially distant Halloween party (or next Saturday night), consider picking one from each category and making it a double feature—if the idea doesn’t make you too squeamish, that is.

Spoiler Alert: While we’re not giving away entire plots, some key elements are alluded to and you may learn more than you want to know, so proceed with caution!

First Showing: Savory

Aliens” + Baked Stuffed Figs

A classic horror movie and a classic appetizer that just happen to have a great affinity for each other, seeing as how the split baked figs really resemble the eggs from which the baby facehuggers emerge. Don’t let that deter you, though, because they’re also totally delicious, and a perfect finger food for snacking! Stuff them and top them however you like, from the vegan version shown above to this Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese recipe.

Midsommar” + Gravlax with Edible Flowers

Any Scandinavian nibbles would work well here, and if you’re truly the ambitious type, you could even (attempt to) recreate the phantasmagoric feast depicted in the movie—but for a lighter bite, gravlax fits the theme and is easy to eat on toast points or crispbread on the couch. Add whatever fixings you like, then pile on as many edible flowers as you can find for the full effect; you can even form the sliced salmon into roses too. (A pot pie is another fine option, but please be careful to ensure no, er, foreign material ends up in the filling…)

Hereditary” + Charred Pork Chops with Brown Rice

Charred Asian Pork Chops with Brown Rice


We chose these pork chops because of the char factor—but any food that benefits from a brief flare-up is a worthy choice for this dramatically demonic movie. Because the rice does bear some resemblance to certain creepy crawlies, you may want to skip that accompaniment and stick to something safer, like bread. And follow it up with some chocolate cake, by all means, but be absolutely sure it’s safe to serve to those with nut allergies (if you weren’t paranoid about such things before, you might be after this film). Get our Charred Pork Chops with Brown Rice recipe.

Mandy” + Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Easy Homemade Stovetop Mac and Cheese


This trippy art-house horror flick is a wild ride that’s not for everyone, but those who appreciate Nicolas Cage’s displays of celluloid insanity will definitely want to check it out. And although Cheddar Goblin may only appear for a few seconds of screen time, you’re bound to remember the macaroni mascot, fondly or otherwise. It’s only appropriate to make a big batch of stovetop mac and cheese in the creature’s honor. Get our Stovetop Mac and Cheese recipe.

Color Out of Space” + Beet Hummus with Beet Chips

If you’re up for a double feature, here’s another Cage gem with Lovecraftian origins (plus plenty of body horror, Tommy Chong, and alpacas). You might expect tentacles, but our pick is a magenta-hued snack that mimics the celestial shade so prominent in the movie. Beet hummus is ideal even on its own, but obviously better scooped up with beet chips if you can take the intensity. Wash it down with whiskey if you like, but skip the rocks if you’re unsure of the water quality.

30 Days of Night” + Smoked Salmon and Bagel Breakfast Casserole

Smoked Salmon and Bagel Breakfast Casserole


If you, like the vampires’ minion in this movie, occasionally crave raw hamburger, learn how to make steak tartare and serve it up while you watch this disturbing tale. Otherwise, consider smoked salmon to evoke the Alaskan setting, and make it a bagel breakfast casserole as a tribute to the rising of the sun, which you’ll be hoping for as fervently as the besieged town of Barrow. But don’t count on the garlic in the bagels protecting you, because these bloodthirsty monsters are not repelled by much of anything. Get our Smoked Salmon and Bagel Breakfast Casserole recipe.

Ravenous” + Beef Stew

Easy Beef Stew


This Manifest Destiny cannibal black comedy/horror movie is pretty odd (even before you factor in its eccentric soundtrack by Damon Albarn, and David Arquette as a stoner frontiersman), but it’s a modern cult classic, and worth watching at least once just so you can say you have. You may never be able to look at a big steaming pot of beef stew the same way ever again, though. Get our Beef Stew recipe.

It Follows” + Baked Sea Scallops

Apart from the slowly stalking harbingers of death and glimpses of dilapidated Detroit, one of the most iconic visual bits of this movie is the clamshell-shaped e-reader one character uses in several scenes; it makes it impossible to place the movie in a specific time or reality, despite the overwhelming ’80s vibe. Get your hands on some scallop shells to pay homage, and pile them with bite-size seafood sprinkled with buttery, crisp breadcrumbs and pancetta. Get the Baked Sea Scallops recipe.

Spring” + Sauteed Calamari with Parsley and Garlic (or Grilled Octopus)

octopus recipe


This comparatively under-the-radar horror-romance is set on the Italian coast, so it’s a good excuse to make any garlic-heavy seafood dish—say, lobster risotto if you’re not a fan of squid. But know that tentacles are thematically appropriate—and that you probably want to eat yours well before they show up on screen. Get our Sauteed Calamari with Parsley and Garlic recipe (shown at the top of the page), or try your hand at cooking octopus.

The Mist” + Spiral-Cut Bacon Hot Dogs

Spiral-Cut Bacon Cheese Dogs


The bulk of this Stephen King story adaptation sees the characters barricaded in a grocery store, grilling the meat department’s offerings to sustain themselves, so really, anything you can grill in the comfort of your own home (or safely in your backyard, free of monster-hiding mist) is fair game, but these bacon-wrapped hot dogs are a little freakish—in the best way possible—so they seem an especially good choice. (Also, the B-movie aspects of this creature feature fare much better when you watch it in black and white.) Get our Spiral-Cut Bacon Hot Dogs recipe.

The Conjuring” + Cheese Fondue

cheese fondue


Fondue is a perennially great party food, and it’s also perfectly emblematic of the 1970s, during which both of this franchise’s films were set. That means it also works for “The Amityville Horror”—or anything else that takes place in the same time period (or was actually made during it). And if you prefer chocolate fondue to cheese, that’s always an option, which helps us transition into dessert. Get our Cheese Fondue recipe.

Second Showing: Sweet

The Descent” + Peanut Butter Trail Mix Cookies

Peanut Butter Trail Mix Cookies

Shelly Westerhausen

This claustrophobic flick about a group of friends exploring an uncharted cave system (with dire consequences, of course) calls for trail mix as a nod to the necessity of packing light—but baking it into cookies is safer than just eating it from bowls. Otherwise, certain jump scares might have you plucking dozens of individual pieces of fruit and nuts from your floor (and you are not going to want to get your face too close to that deeply shadowed cavern under your couch for a while after this one). Get this Peanut Butter Trail Mix Cookies recipe.

The Devil’s Candy” + Fireball Whisky Marshmallows

Death metal, loving families, and possible Satanic possession (among other elements) make for a rather captivating watch. Fireball whisky, with its flaming burn and fire-breathing dragon on the bottle, makes a fitting accompaniment—but turn it into marshmallows and it’s even more on-theme. Simultaneously sweet and searing, and technically candy, you can always toss them in hot chocolate or s’mores if you prefer an even warmer treat. Get the Fireball Whisky Marshmallows recipe.

Halloween” + Bloody Halloween Cake

A blood-dripping red velvet cake is perfect for any number of slasher movies, from “Hush” to “Scream”—and blood-drenched classics like “Halloween.” If you want to get even gorier, see how to hide dripping raspberry blood inside—and consider bloody cupcakes if the thought of wielding an actual knife on the night of turns you into a scream queen. Get the Bloody Halloween Cake recipe. (If serving for a viewing of “The Shining,” consider planting a hand axe in the top.)

The Babadook” + Realistic Gummy Worms and Dirt

Before the Babadook was an out-of-left-field LGBTQ icon, he was a terrifying specter at the center of this emotionally draining movie that’s also plenty stomach-turning in places. Feed your fear (and your twisted gut) with these disturbingly realistic gummy worms and some crushed-Oreo dirt—and just try not to squirm. Get the Realistic Gummy Worms recipe.

A Quiet Place” + Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse


The most fitting foods to pair with this tense flick are any that you can eat without making a sound—chocolate mousse is lighter than a whisper, so it’s a perfect candidate, but it definitely won’t survive til the end of the film. Get our Chocolate Mousse recipe.

The Witch” + Pumpkin Pie Gooey Butter Cake

Wouldst thou like the taste of…butter? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? If thou wouldst, a classic gooey butter cake is your best bet here—with pumpkin added in honor of the spooky season. Serving a braised rabbit (or goat!) main course beforehand is totally optional, as is the boxed cake shortcut; see how to make the gooey butter cake base from scratch if you prefer. Get the Pumpkin Pie Gooey Butter Cake recipe.

“Hocus Pocus” + Halloween Candy Bark

OK, this one is in no way scary (except for the fact that in retrospect, it’s actually kind of awful), but for those of a certain generation, it’s a classic must-watch around Halloween, and a nice palate cleanser if you need something to calm your nerves after a truly frightening flick. It’s sweetly nostalgic and encapsulates so much of what we love about the holiday—just like this Halloween bark full of all the candy you used to get in your bucket. Switch it up so your personal favorites are represented, but don’t skip the candy eyes, as a nod to the iconic spell book at the heart of the movie. Alternatively, you could make this a little less cutesy and eat it while watching “Candyman” (honeycomb would be the most appropriate addition in that case). Get the Halloween Candy Bark recipe.

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These Food Brands Have Picked a Side in the Election https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/276180/brands-that-donate-to-trump-or-biden/ https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/276180/brands-that-donate-to-trump-or-biden/#respond Tue, 06 Oct 2020 20:14:45 +0000 https://www.chowhound.com/?p=276180 https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/276180/brands-that-donate-to-trump-or-biden/feed/ 0 A Nutritional Breakdown of the Country’s Most Popular Pizza Chains https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/201807/healthiest-pizza-chain-nutritional-info-popular-chains-dominos-pizza-hut-papa-johns-little-caesars/ https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/201807/healthiest-pizza-chain-nutritional-info-popular-chains-dominos-pizza-hut-papa-johns-little-caesars/#respond Tue, 06 Oct 2020 11:30:30 +0000 https://www.chowhound.com/?p=201807

If you’re looking for the healthiest pizza chain, you’re deluding yourself—or gamely attempting to make the least bad choice, nutritionally speaking. It’s OK to acknowledge that chain pizza is definitely not good for you. And sometimes it doesn’t even taste good. But occasionally you just crave a greasy guilty pleasure that only the likes of Domino’s can provide. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Even Better OptionsThe Best Frozen Pizzas You Can Order OnlineWhen it comes to the quality and ingredients in fast food pizza, we decided to do a little research by taking a look at the nutritional content of a classic, medium-sized cheese pie at each of these four popular chains: Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, and, of course, our beloved Domino’s.

While none of the quantitative information surprised us (pizza is high in carbs and sodium, duh!), we were surprised by the way in which these chains conveyed this information. Some relied on vague health claims, marketing spin, and the ever-present lure of vine-ripened tomatoes. Others opted for a subtler “no comment” approach. No matter how you slice it, the nutritional hype, or lack thereof, speaks volumes to each brand’s identity. We break it down below.

Note: Nutritional information is displayed per slice.

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Papa John’s

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As we’ll see, the nutritional breakdown of the four major pizza players in the United States are fairly comparable. Papa John’s is just as much a carb-y, salt bomb as the rest of its competitors. In fact, Papa John’s takes the cake (err pie?) for having the highest sodium count for a basic cheese pizza, though not by much so don’t let that sway your decision. All these slices are on equal footing.

However of all the chains, it makes some of the boldest claims about the quality of its ingredients. According to their website, their pizza is always made with dough that’s fresh, not frozen; vine-ripened tomatoes (wait, don’t all tomatoes grow on vines?!); and high quality, part-skim, mozzarella cheese. Their website also uses the adjective “real” to describe the cheese, which surely is a relief. (We wouldn’t want any of that fake dairy tainting our pie.) Reading a website this extra is exhausting.

Papa John’s also goes a step further and offers up “Papa’s Quality Guarantee,” because if there’s one thing I want my pizza to be graced with, it’s the blessing of a faceless, imaginary entity named after controversial blowhard and default corporate mascot, former CEO Papa John Schnatter (no longer with the company, but his name lives on). On the off chance you don’t enjoy your order, be sure to save the receipt as proof of purchase for a replacement pizza. But chances are if you’re ordering from Papa John’s, your standards aren’t that high to begin with.

Calories 210
Fat 7g
Sugar 3g
Protein 8g
Sodium 520mg


As far as chain pizzerias go, Domino’s has its fair share of loyalists. Even Momofuku founder and culinary contrarian David Chang has vouched for the brand, at least in terms of its nostalgia value. As the biggest pizza brand and seventh-largest fast food brand in the world, they’ve clearly earned a lot of goodwill and, as a result of their size and half-century long history, Domino’s website and promotional materials are a lot less flashy than Papa John’s. They simply don’t need to scream about real cheese or tomatoes from vines, with the desperation of a brand that got dropped by the NFL.

Instead, Domino’s nutritional information opts for subtlety. You can read the ingredient breakdown for any ingredient. It’s completely devoid of context or meaningless descriptors, which after scrolling through endless pages of Papa John’s hype is indeed a sweet relief.

Domino’s does offer one useful nutrition tool, however: the uncharacteristically and goofily named Cal-O-Meter, which one must imagine is a holdover from the ’90s pre-Atkins world when everything was extreme and to the max. Since Domino’s boasts over 34 million different combinations of offerings, the Cal-O-Meter allows you to discover the nutritional information for a customized order. You can input a variation of pizza sizes, crusts, and toppings, and figure out what works best for your dietary needs. It’s actually quite useful for something with such a dumb name.

Calories 200
Fat 8g
Sugar less than 1g
Protein 8g
Sodium 360mg

Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut also has a customizable nutrition tool, though it lacks a dumb name. Fortunately there is still plenty to mock on their website, for instance: Their doth-protest-too-much insistence on the fact that they “are a restaurant at heart.” Was anyone mistaking them for something else? Then there’s the “Hut Life Blog” and the existence of a newer menu item (basically calzones) dubbed the P’ZONE. Presumably, they are not actually pronounced “pee zone” but they are baked with toasted parmesan on top, which might be enough to tempt anyone into ordering them for their next weekend Netflix binge.

Calories 250
Fat 10g
Sugar 1g
Protein 11g
Sodium 450mg

Little Caesar’s

Little Caesar’s ties with Pizza Hut for calorie count, with slightly less fat and sodium but a little more sugar. It’s a toss-up, really.

But in terms of marketing hype, Little Caesar’s at least focuses (for now) on their community involvement and contactless delivery options rather than trying to feed us rejected GOOP articles. And nutritionally, they just lay out the facts; they know that you simply want a quick slice, and aren’t under the impression you’re ordering health food.

After all, when we order from any chain pizza place, we aren’t expecting artisanal masterpieces. If only corporate America would stop trying to tap into aspirational lifestyle lingo and sell their product for what it really is—a greasy pie that hits the spot in a pinch.

Calories  250
Fat 9g
Sugar 3g
Protein 12g
Sodium 440mg

If you’re feeling ambitious, see how to make the best pizza crust at home (you can even proof it in your Instant Pot).

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Jessica Gentile wrote the original version of this story in 2018. It has been updated with current information.

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