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Collier’s Powerful: The Best Welsh Cheddar?

Buttery, sharp-tasting Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar is the best cheddar cheese jhopp217 has ever tried. Harters likes it too, but when... READ MORE

Crisp, Addictive Deep-Fried Capers

Salty, sharp-tasting capers are superb fried, chefathome says. Salt-packed capers can be fried as is, while brined ones should be drained a... READ MORE

A Sweet Fix for Stevia’s Bitterness

Fresh stevia leaves taste sweet, meatn3 says, but processed stevia has a bitter aftertaste reminiscent of diet sodas. sedimental grows s... READ MORE

Know Your Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are "the thin flowering heads sent up by hard neck garlic varieties," meadandale says. When cooked, they have a mild garli... READ MORE

Woody Parsnips? Reach for the Food Mill

It's a shame when the sweet taste and creamy texture of parsnips is ruined by stringy fibers. To avoid this problem, choose thin, young ... READ MORE

Any Good Garlic Powders Out There?

Garlic powder tastes totally unlike fresh garlic, but that doesn't mean it can't be a great addition to recipes like dry rubs. Which garlic... READ MORE

The Best Canned Hash?

"I LOVE canned corned beef hash!" says Bacardi1, who has yet to meet a brand that disappointed. Hormel (sometimes labeled Mary Kitchen) ... READ MORE

Big Love for Shrimp and Grits

Chowhounds go crazy for the classic Southern combo of shrimp and grits. jmcarthur8 loves it when the shrimp are poached in butter and the stone-ground grits are slow-cooked (extra points for adding Vidalia onions cooked in bacon fat). READ MORE

Is Colatura the Same as Asian Fish Sauce?

Colatura is Italy's version of fish sauce, which katzzz describes as "liquid essence of anchovy." It's more expensive than Asian fish sauce... READ MORE

The Pros and Cons of Brunch

Does anyone really need brunch, or is it just an excuse to drink in the morning, as Samalicious quips? Skeptics like ttoommyy wonder if any... READ MORE