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Homemade Coke and Other Uses for Tamarind Paste

Tamarind paste is a great addition to any recipe where you want a slightly sour or tangy element. READ MORE

One Cake for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner … Oh, and Dessert, Too!

A sour cream Bundt cake with a megadose of vanilla that’s great on its own, with fruit, or further embellished as your imagination takes you. READ MORE

Great Espresso on the Cheap

Stovetop espresso pots have many chowhound fans, who say that though they don’t produce the crema that a pricey machine does, they definitely make delicious, rich-tasting espresso. READ MORE

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Really tasty frozen yogurt is a lot harder to make at home than it seems like it should be. READ MORE

Fabulous Buttermilk Pancakes

They’ve got great flavor, and are light and fluffy, with a pillowy texture that holds up to keeping them warm in the oven. READ MORE

Dry Aging Your Own Beef

Dry-aged beef is the ultimate expression of beef flavor. This is the concentrated, pure beef flavor of those high-end steak houses. Can you dry age your own beef and even hope to approximate that flavor? READ MORE

Tuna Tartare

Any tuna tartare begins with sushi-grade tuna, cut carefully in small dice. Where the fun lies is in how you choose to dress your tartare. READ MORE

Pine Nut Primer

Pine nuts are little packets of beauty. They’re versatile, too; they’re a key ingredient in classic pesto Genovese, and they’re also great in salads, with sauteed vegetables, in couscous, and in pastas. READ MORE

Fennel Fronds

Fennel greens echo the subtle anise-like flavor of the bulbs, and parts of them can be used like a fresh herb. READ MORE

Getting the Crunchiest Crust on Fried Chicken

There are a few secrets to fried chicken with a wonderful, super-crunchy crust, but be forewarned: crunchy crusts come only to those who wait. READ MORE