The Hawthorne opened this month inside the Commonwealth Hotel, and it is already impressing Boston hounds with its classic cocktails and homey yet sophisticated décor. “The drinking experience felt like a posh cocktail party in a friend’s condo,” says rlee21. “Aside from the main bar itself, the rest of the space feels very much like a living room.”

“In terms of cocktail quality, [it’s] about what you’d expect from Jackson Cannon and Co., the team behind Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar, but aiming a bit higher,” says MC Slim JB. “Cocktails draw from but are not limited to the pre-Prohibition classics.”

On a recent visit, seidleroni enjoyed the bourbon-based Paper Plane, as well as a Mezcal Old Fashioned. Inspired by the unseasonably warm weather, Gordough tried a Mojito, which was “an excellent rendition of the ubiquitous cocktail.”

The food menu is limited to small bites, but MC Slim JB enjoyed the deviled eggs with crispy prosciutto, and seidleroni liked the sweet-and-spicy cashews.

While initial reports are positive, some hounds worry that the appeal of the Hawthorne will diminish if it becomes too crowded. “It will be interesting to see how they handle their imminent popularity,” says rlee21. “I feel that a lot of the charm in the space would be negatively affected by crowds of people looming over those [who are] seated.”

The Hawthorne [Kenmore Square]
In the Commonwealth Hotel, 500-A Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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