If Thanksgiving has come and gone and you’re left with a surfeit of cranberries, whether fresh or in prepared sauce or relish, do not fear: They’ll perk up everything from weekday breakfasts to holiday sweets.

Let fresh berries grace your evening meal, starting with the cocktail hour. Serve up a sweet-tart snack of sugared cranberries, infuse vodka with the fruit, or mix up a batch of CHOW’s Spiced Cranberry Sangría.

Move on to a main course of pan-roasted pork chops with cranberries and red Swiss chard, and finish with cranberry banana bread or cranberry turtle bars, which are easier to make than you’d think, says Dining Diva.

You needn’t struggle to finish the bounty up fast, though. Cranberries freeze exceptionally well, and hounds love to keep them in the freezer for year-round cooking. Or just add them to morning smoothies straight from the bag.

If it’s cranberry sauce you have, hounds love it dolloped on yogurt or oatmeal, and baked in pastry with bits of Brie. You can also throw it in an apple crisp, as apl222 did. “It was fantastic, a great fall dessert,” says apl222.

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