Village hounds have been snacking happily on northern Indian street bites, most recently flatbread wraps from Thelewala. Now they have a southern Indian option in Indian Creperie. michelleats says its dosas are “genuinely great” and belong in the conversation with those at Saravanaas, the popular south Indian spot in Curry Hill.

The pancakes are “gorgeously thin, hardly greasy at all.” The masala filling is a well-made, traditional mix of potato, chana dal, onion, red chile, and mustard seed, and the accompanying sambar is tasty and full of vegetables (though michelleats would prefer more tamarind zing). DavyTheFatBoy recommends the rava masala dosa with extra onion and chiles. Medu vada (savory doughnuts) are freshly fried and nicely seasoned with curry leaves and chile, says michelleats (who also blogs about Indian Creperie). Idli (steamed rice cakes) and utthapam (savory griddled pancakes)—as well as a few unusual choices like dosas with shrimp, chicken Chettinad, or Kerala-style spiced beef—round out the menu.

Want fries with that dosa? Month-old Chipsy, right around the corner from Indian Creperie, will dredge your fries in Indian spices if you like. DavyTheFatBoy says they’re surprisingly good: perfectly crispy outside, soft inside, and not at all greasy. Chipsy, inspired by European fast-food joints, isn’t Indian but international. The fries come with an eclectic lineup of dipping sauces that includes aioli, chimichurri, pineapple-chile, and wasabi mayo. If you’ve left room for dessert, consider deep-fried Oreos or Twinkies topped with caramel, whipped cream, or hot fudge.

Indian Creperie [Greenwich Village]
190 Bleecker Street (between MacDougal Street and Sixth Avenue), Manhattan

Chipsy [Greenwich Village]
99 MacDougal Street (between W. Third and Bleecker streets), Manhattan

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