Lasagne is a staple for fall entertaining, and you can make it seasonal by incorporating winter squashes such as butternut or pumpkin. Choose an elegant and refined recipe, or a hearty, cheese-filled one.

Some lasagnes, like this roasted butternut squash, rosemary, and garlic lasagne, call for béchamel sauce and only a bit of cheese. “I have made this for many dinner parties and love it,” says mscoffee1. Liz K is partial to this version with hazelnuts and sage.

If a gooey dish with plenty of cheese is what you’re after, try 4Snisl‘s favorite preparation. Between each layer of noodles, first spread a rosemary-infused béchamel sauce; then ricotta mixed with both Parmesan and frozen spinach that’s been thawed and squeezed dry; followed by cooked and mashed winter squash or canned pumpkin purée seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary; and finally mozzarella.

This Robert Irvine recipe adds pumpkin to a typical Italian-American lasagne made with tomato sauce and Italian sausage. CHOW’s version of lasagne with squash includes chestnut purée, mushrooms, and three cheeses.

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