buttertart loves beets and recommends packaged Love Beets as a convenient alternative to roasting and peeling the veggies yourself. “They are super, perfectly tender and nicely infused with vinegar,” and several versions are available, buttertart says. “Nice just to be able to sit down and stuff yourself with lovely tangy beets without futzing around with boiling or baking them, peeling them, dealing with the mess.” For an added kick, Isolda buys the spicy Sweetfire variety of Love Beets.

But there are other brands worthy of a try, too. mariacarmen likes the Melissa’s brand of steamed and peeled instant beets sold at Trader Joe’s. “Not vinegary, but also nice to have on hand sometimes,” she says. And gingershelley has a handy tip: beets paired with a vanilla vinaigrette. “My new favorite,” gingershelley says. “Haunting flavor with the earthiness of beets.”

Discuss: Love beets? Get LOVE BEETS.

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