Table Manners Thanksgiving Etiquette Advice

CHOW’s former etiquette columnist, Helena Echlin, wrote the column Table Manners for six years. Here’s her best advice on how to survive Thanksgiving, all in one place.

How to Host a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving
If you’re a vegetarian, how do you successfully throw Thanksgiving without a turkey?

You’ve got multiple Thanksgiving dinner invites. Is there a way to hit all the meals without offending?

Greedy Gobbler
Are guests entitled to leftovers (which are, after all, the best part of Thanksgiving)?

What If You Ruin the Turkey?
Quick! Order pizza! (And other ways to salvage your party.)

Meddling Mother-in-Law
Your mother-in-law knows exactly how the gravy should be done. Yeah, right. Here are ways to get her out of the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Turkey Snob Dilemma
Is it wrong to suggest that your host buy a politically correct bird?

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