As the weather cools, hounds chime in with their favorite toasted bread and spread combinations:

Portuguese sweet bread, lightly toasted with fresh butter goes so well with a cup of coffee, sighs chowdear.

Cafes in Hong Kong often serve sweet toasted bread (either thick, Texas Toast-style slabs of white, or perhaps raisin bread) with coconut or sweetened evaporated milk.

Cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter is a classic combo.

Also great: black bread with butter, apricot preserves, and a sheep’s milk cheese (manchego works well).

Whole-grain bread, peanut butter, ginger preserves and banana slices: what a way to start the day, raj1 raves.

Try a toasted flagel (flat bagel), cooled and topped with scallion or chive cream cheese and cucumber slices.

Honey or whole wheat bread, darkly toasted with unsalted butter and honeycomb is excellent.

Savory bread and spread combos work well as an appetizer, like lightly toasted tomato bread, spread with a mushroom and black truffle “tapenade,” dotted with a crumbled taleggio. Deborah Madison has a recipe for luscious leeks on toast worth seeking out. Crusty Italian bread with butter and anchovies can’t be beat. A nice crusty piece of bread spread with marrow from a beef bone is an old favorite from mom, bolivianita reminisces. Also great: a sourdough onion baguette slathered swith butter and chestnut cream.

Combine sweet and savory ingredients for an intriguing balance of flavor: toast with fig jam and egg salad; fennel and raisin bread spread with roasted eggplant pesto and topped with black olive tapenade; French baguettes topped with red pepper jelly and brie; or toasted pumpernickel with goat cheese and truffle salt.

No matter what combination you choose half of the toast experience is the smell of the bread toasting, ML8000 surmises.

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