What do you do with all of those leftover chile peppers from the fall harvest? There are plenty of options.

ios94 suggests making a paste and then freezing it to preserve the spice. “Chop them up and mix with olive oil,” says Motosport. “If they are dried and then [preserved] in olive oil they should last a long while. Drizzle on salad or bruschetta and appetizers.”

“You could also pickle some of them,” says DiningDiva. “Look for recipes for jalapeños en escabeche or pickled jalapeños and then just sub in your red chiles … They’ll keep for a long time.”

arktos likes to make salted chiles: “Just wash and dry some red chiles. Cut off their stems and chop coarsely with the seeds. Mix with kosher/sea salt and place in a jar, covered with more salt. Wait two/three weeks before using. Then store in the refrigerator once opened. The chiles will keep for months.”

And don’t forget that chile peppers are, ultimately, a vegetable—not just a spice. “I just used a bunch fresh in stir fries (Thai to be exact) sliced and cooked with the protein,” says grayelf. “Delicious way to use them as a vegetable rather than as a seasoning or heat addition—they were grown on Vancouver Island and were quite mild.”

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