Keeping chocolate around can be tricky. It’s got to be cool, and away from any odors that it might pick up. Oh, and you’ve got to hide it from everybody else, of course. Blooming (when chocolate turns gray in color and grainy in texture) occurs if chocolate is refrigerated, PGSF warns. Conversely, if it gets too warm, , the fat comes to the top and forms a white film on top, explains slacker.

For most chocolates, a cool dark cupboard is the perfect spot to keep chocolate, with the exception of more delicate truffles with perishable fillings. These you have to eat quickly; otherwise refrigerate and just live with the blooming, says Cheryl_h.

If you have your own wine fridge (which tend to be more precisely temperature controlled) you can store chocolates in it; put ‘em in an airtight plastic box to keep out humidity, recommends typetive.

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Best way to store chocolate?

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