Commercial gourmet fruit sodas can be quite pricey, and it’s so easy to make them for yourself.

Pei recommends buying Welch’s passion fruit juice and mixing with an equal amount of club soda for a drink just as good as a Fizzy Lizzy soda.

For about $3.99, you can buy a 750 mL bottle of Torani passion fruit syrup and make almost five gallons of Italian soda with it! Some Hounds prefer Monin brand fruit syrups, but they are pricier.

Rose’s Passion Fruit Cordial is wonderful with seltzer, or you can spike it with some Rum or champagne, says Candy.

Apple & Eve Mango Passion is 100% fruit juice and is fantastic mixed with seltzer, green tea, or rosehip/hibiscus tea, maillard swoons.

If you can still find it, Ocean Spray’s Mauna La’i passion fruit would work great cut with some bubbly too.

Also be on the lookout for a brand of fruit juice concentrate in a box, possibly from Down Under. It’s a white box with plain black lettering and pictures of the appropriate fruit on it, and it’s sweetened only with pear juice. Their passion fruit and guava and work very well for spritzers, says heidipie.

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Welch’s Passion Fruit Juice + Soda Water= A Real Winner!

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