tdaaa first heard about Houde Family Farm’s meat CSA on Chowhound, and has been very happy with the service since joining it two years ago. The meat share is delivered once a month, and consists of 50 percent “better cuts” and 50 percent “lesser cuts” (like ground meat and breakfast sausage). “Lesser cuts” certainly doesn’t mean worse, though, since tdaaa thinks the breakfast sausage is some of the best he’s ever had.

Houde Family Farm is located in northern Vermont, but the CSA delivers to several cities and towns north and west of Boston, including Cambridge and Somerville. Meat is delivered frozen, straight from their freezer to yours.

Parsnipity has also been enjoying the CSA, and says that compared to similar meat at Whole Foods (humanely raised, antibiotic-free), Houde Family Farm is a great value. More importantly for tdaaa, the taste of the meat is superior: “far better than my local supermarket, and as good or better than the Fresh Pond Whole Foods.”

Houde Family Farm [Northern New England]
697 Kitchel Hill Road, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

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