Tonny’s is packed at breakfast, but it’s worth the wait. Especially if you order the chilaquiles con huevos (refried corn tortillas in tomato sauce with eggs). Accompanied by salsa verde, guacamole, and rice and beans, it is one stacked plate.

“The well-sauced tortilla pieces occupied fully half of [the dish], and when I slid the over-easy eggs onto the top I had probably the biggest breakfast plate I’ve gotten since my [country fried steak] at Temecula’s Swing Inn,” says Will Owen. “Everything was scalding hot, as it should be, and the real heat from the salsa added to the excitement. The flavors melded sharp, rich, vegetal, meaty and spicy-herbal into a wide variety of combinations that seemed to change with each bite. It was pain that kept me from inhaling everything, and I was grateful for it.”

It’s the first time a non-Midwestern, non-Southern breakfast has entered Will Owen’s list of favorite morning meals, but with a price tag of just $6 and change, the chilaquiles “pencils out to probably the most good food you can buy for under $7,” he says. “Got to do THAT again!”

Even a simple carnitas tostada from Tonny’s is a flavorful treat. “I put a little of the salsa verde on top and yum yum. Very porky carnitas,” lil mikey says. “I’ve had lots of dishes over the years [at Tonny’s], and never had one I didn’t like. This is a treasure.”

The chile verde is also outstanding, says Peripatetic, but be forewarned that other items, like the tacos, can be hit-or-miss.

Still, it can be a place to find unexpected pleasures. ipsedixit, for one, likes to order juice there, and the drink made of beets is an oft-cited favorite of several Chowhounds.

Tonny’s Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
843 E. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena

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