oohlala brings news of the opening of Dumpling Empire in South San Francisco’s quaint downtown, which is “better than most dumpling joints in the city.”

The appetizer menu features several well-executed dishes. Pork elbow, marinated beef, cilantro tofu-bean stick, and tofu with green onion all hit the spot for oohlala. The owners hail from Shandong Province, a region in the south known for noodles (sometimes hand-pulled) and dumplings, but not for Shanghainese xiao long bao (a.k.a XLB, or soup dumplings) so those aren’t recommended here.

bern1 joins the chorus of boosters, and says that the lamb dumplings are the standout here, along with the juicy pork dumplings and the vinegar dipping sauce.

Dumpling Empire [Peninsula]
216 Cypress Street, South San Francisco

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