The Bazaar serves traditional Spanish fare, but it is still Los Angeles’s favored temple of molecular gastronomy.

coffeebrownies recently ordered mostly off of the avant-garde menu and said the meal was “amazing.”

According to ozsj0402, dishes like the cotton candy foie gras are a must-try; yesilovestotravel agrees: “First you get the sweetness from the cotton candy, then the crunchy from the CornNuts and then the buttery livery goodness from the foie … amazing!” Better order it before foie gras is outlawed in California!

yesilovestotravel reports that the modernized tortilla de patata is also excellent. It consists of potato foam, caramelized onions, and eggs cooked to 63 degrees. It does, despite the Mad Professor treatment, actually taste like a traditional Spanish tortilla.

And most hounds dig the olives. There are souped-up molecular-style ones that, even though they’re not as good as what you might get at one of Ferran Adrià’s places in Barcelona, are still good fun, says yesilovestotravel. The traditional olives, though, are amazing, and they come with orange peel and stuffed with anchovies.

Searching4Dunny warns that if you’ve actually made it out to Adrià’s new restaurant in Spain, Tickets, then the Bazaar’s efforts will be less impressive, although it may still be worth the trek as a point of comparison. Anyway, Searching4Dunny prefers the traditional Spanish tapas menu at the Bazaar.

Mussels escabèche and mozzarella-tomato pipettes are also good, says ipsedixit. Others recommend the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, boneless chicken wings, eel tacos, salty new potatoes with aji, and serrano ham with tomato bread. There is nearly universal acclaim for the croquetas.

Most hounds say that the desserts aren’t up to par with the rest of the menu. But WildSwede digs them, and liked the panna cotta the best. There are also salted caramels in phenomenal edible paper, peanut-butter rice crispies, and white chocolate lollipops coated with powdered strawberry. “YUM!” says WildeSwede.

The Bazaar [West Hollywood]
In the SLS Hotel, 465 S. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles

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