Burger Kitchen used to be a mixed bag. It had a huge burger menu, including fancy Pat LaFrieda patties imported from New York, and some options cost as much as $28. Under the management of father-and-son team Alan and Daniel Saffron, the place was unfortunately hit-or-miss.

But everything’s changed as of late: the food, the cooks, the owners. The new menu consists mostly of a basic $6 beef burger. There are also turkey and vegetarian items, and affordable extras. Ogawak ordered a meaty 8-ounce patty on a brioche bun that was topped with avocado and “perfectly fried” bacon. It came out to a grand total of $7, and it was utterly delicious. Bonus: The onion rings and fries were nice and crisp.

The only issue Ogawak had with the new Burger Kitchen is that the waitstaff have yet to get their act together. “[S]ervice issues aside, it was the best burger for $6-7 I’ve had in a long time,” says Ogawak. “With those very good rings and fries, the food nearly made up for a multitude of service errors.”

Oh, and the shakes are terrible. But Burger Kitchen does serve 30 kinds of beer.

Burger Kitchen [West Hollywood]
8048 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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