French Ham and Cheese Quick Bread recipe
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Quick bread doesn’t have to be sweet, as these savory quick bread recipes prove (deliciously).

Now that the season has arrived that you might deign to turn your oven on again you may be asking yourself, “Does this mean I’m required to produce Instagram-worthy sourdough?” The quick answer is, only if you want to. If memories of the spring Season of Sourdough has you longing for a less labor-intensive staple bread this fall, look no further than quick breads.

A Deeper DiveThe Complete Guide to Easy Quick BreadQuick breads are so named because they rely on leaveners—rising agents—other than yeast, divorcing you from the lengthier proofing stage that yeast breads require. You can be enjoying a fresh-from-the-oven quick bread just about an hour after you started mixing it. The most well known quick breads are the banana, zucchini, and pumpkin bread varieties. Excellent candidates for fall baking, yes, but their sweetness and texture might compel you to lump them into more of a “cake” category than bread.

Savory quick breads, however, are just that: savory and quick. Quick breads are more defined by the ratio of flour to baking soda than by any other additions. Minus the sugar and moisture-rich ingredients, what you have is a simple, blank-slate bread that can accommodate all manner of additions, including savory ones. Especially savory ones. Here we offer 10 recipes for savory quick breads that may inspire you to turn on your oven every day this fall.

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Onion and Poppy Seed Quick Bread

easy onion poppy seed quick bread recipe


The poppy seeds may deceive the eye into thinking you’ve got a sweet bread in front of you, but their gentle nuttiness is contrasted with a healthy dose of savory-but-also-sweet caramelized onions. An excellent matchup for a fall soup or stew. Get our Onion and Poppy Seed Quick Bread recipe.

Savory Quick Bread with Cheese and Olives

This quick bread is a meal unto itself—in addition to cheddar cheese and olives, other mouth-watering savory components represented in a single bread include bacon, bell pepper, and white wine. Get the Savory Quick Bread with Cheese and Olives recipe.

Jalapeño-Corn-Beer Quick Bread

jalapeno beer cornbread recipe


Not only can your quick bread be savory, it can also be spicy. Cornbread itself is a form of quick bread, but here a traditional flour base plays host to fresh corn kernels and a crisp pilsner beer. Serve this up alongside chili for a tailgating-at-home touchdown. Get our Jalapeño-Corn-Beer Quick Bread recipe.

Savory Zucchini Quick Bread

Savory Summer Squash Quick Bread recipe


Zucchini may be a summer squash, but it makes for a terrific fall quick bread. The primary taste of traditional zucchini bread is cinnamon, with the shredded vegetable providing moisture over flavor. A Greek style, savory zucchini bread ousts the cinnamon and sugar in favor of feta and oregano. A perfect side for some grilled souvlaki, while the last days of grilling season are still in play. Get our Savory Zucchini Quick Bread recipe.

Easy Herbed Quick Bread

If you love a grilled cheese or tuna melt on rye bread, here’s a homemade quick bread for you. A touch of sugar in the mix gives the bread a little roundness, but caraway seeds, rosemary, and thyme give it a savory attitude. Get the Easy Herbed Quick Bread recipe.

French Ham and Cheese Quick Bread

French Ham and Cheese Quick Bread recipe

If there’s one thing more labor intensive than sourdough for a home cook, it’s a batch of croissants. Get the vibe of a ham and cheese croissant with this quick-bread alternative: warm from the oven or toasted, it can be just as buttery. Get our French Ham and Cheese Quick Bread recipe.

Parmesan Garlic Herb Quick Bread

It’s as if you made garlic bread where the garlic is baked into the bread itself, rather than merely spread on top. Actually, it’s exactly that. Pair this savory quick bread with a chicken parm or fall lasagna. Get the Parmesan Garlic Herb Quick Bread recipe.

Pepperoni Pizza Quick Bread


You can meet your pizza craving head on, from scratch, in just about the time it would take to get one delivered. Pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and oregano come together in a quick bread that might make you forget you don’t have a wood-fired oven in your home. Get our Pepperoni Pizza Quick Bread recipe.

Apple and Cheddar Quick Bread 


There are many savory applications for apples, and this is an excellent one. With cheddar cheese, sage, and apples—preferably self-harvested—this quick bread evokes fall in a single bite. Get our Apple and Cheddar Quick Bread recipe.

Easy Irish Brown Bread

easy Irish brown bread recipe


Irish soda bread is the OG quick bread, and this is as simple as it comes. A hearty, brown version with whole wheat can be your go-to daily bread without waiting for St. Patrick’s Day. Get our Easy Irish Brown Bread recipe.

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