An old Chowhound thread about tamales has come to life again, and hounds have some great new suggestions about where to pick up crucial ingredients like corn husks and masa.

rcastanon likes shopping at Poblano Mexican Market in Lynn. “The place is a small hole in the wall but the owners are Mexican and they carry a lot of stuff I cannot find elsewhere,” he says. In addition to masa, the market sells ingredients like queso fresco and poblano peppers.

cpingenot says that in the past few years, Whole Foods has started carrying corn husks (they store them near the dried chiles), and according to Allstonian, Star Market Allston has them, too (in the produce section next to the fresh chiles).

Finally, emannths suggests a visit to the newly opened La Niña Tortilleria in Chelsea. They have masa for tamales, and they also sell homemade tortillas by the pound.

Poblano Mexican Market [North Shore]
21 Central Square, Lynn

Whole Foods
Multiple locations

Star Market Allston [Allston]
1065 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

La Niña Tortilleria [North Shore]
181 Washington Avenue, Chelsea

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