“For those of you who like your noodles thick, the recently opened Shaanxi Gourmet is just for you,” says Chandavkl, who adds that the restaurant serves a version that’s chewy and triple the width of fettuccine. Chandavkl liked the lamb noodle soup, and so did odub, who says the dish comes with a dark, clear broth that’s a bit oversalted but certainly isn’t lacking in long-stewed mutton flavor.

The “big plate of chicken” at Shaanxi Gourmet is indeed huge—enough for two hearty eaters or three regular diners. The chicken has a subtle anise flavor, but here, too, the star of the dish is the sauce-soaked mian underneath, which PandanExpress describes as “satisfyingly chewy, long, thick noodles.”

Still, PandanExpress says that the lamb burger—simple, stewed meat on two pieces of Shaanxi flatbread—is one of the restaurant’s best dishes. “Nothing fancy, but incredibly good in a simple way,” says PandanExpress. “The lamb was melt-in-your-mouth tender and rich with just enough fat to make the dense bread delicious. I predict David Chang ripping it off in a few months and charging $9 for it if he hasn’t done so already.”

TonyC is less positive about the whole scene. “In general, [West San Gabriel Valley] has figured out how to pawn off poorly executed flour-based foods as authentic dishes. … I don’t buy it. These house of carbs tumble eventually.”

Shaanxi Gourmet [San Gabriel Valley]
8518 Valley Boulevard, Rosemead

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