Food-court crawlers have a fresh hunting ground in downtown Flushing: Savor Fusion, where eight stalls offer cheap chow from around China. Superior dumplings await at the back of the complex, says Peter Cuce. Look for stall No. 1 with the “Steam Dumplings” sign (not to be confused with another stall No. 1 near the entrance) and order the Three Treasures, filled with pork, shrimp, and chives. “Amazing,” says Peter Cuce.

But there’s good eats from back to front here—”almost everything I’ve had has been great,” Peter Cuce says, “especially for the price.” Stall No. 4 specializes in Henanese food, including wheat cakes filled with pork or lamb, and a Henan spin on zha jiang mian (noodles with minced pork and bean sauce). Big Sister Zhu’s Chengdu Snacks (stall No. 7), which has been singled out by Edible Queens, makes excellent Sichuan fare, including spicy mala fish, dan dan noodles, ox tongue and tripe, and a chicken dish that’s usually sitting out in a big bowl. Stall No. 3 is Taiwanese; Peter Cuce enjoyed its rice noodle soup with pork belly, intestine, and bean curd (ask for a dipping sauce of garlic, spices, and cilantro for the meat).

If you’re feeling flush, spring for the Taiwanese stall’s $6.95 rice plate with Chinese sausage and ground meat. It’s one of the priciest bites in the building, Peter Cuce says, but it’s “well worth it.”

Savor Fusion [Flushing]
42-09 Main Street (at Maple Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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