Is your favorite hot dog topping no longer cutting the mustard? We have searched the world for new zesty and exciting hot dog topping concepts.

In Sweden, crispy fried onions with an optional shrimp salad sauce is the topping of choice. In France, fries aren’t just a side order–they’re a topping too.

Sonoran hotdogs are decadently wrapped in bacon before grilling. Once the dog done, it’s topped with pinto beans, onions (both grilled and raw), chopped tomatoes, jalapeno sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise, and served in a more substantially-sized roll, JK Grence the Cosmic Jester recalls.

Icelandic dogs are topped with remuladi, a sauce made from mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, dill pickles, and spices, as well as possibly a hint of curry, says thorhallur.

Brazilian dogs are often topped with fried potato snack sticks.

A late night cart on the lower east side of New York City offers kimchee with little dried fish on its dogs. In L.A., Pink’s serves dogs topped with pastrami. Also in L.A., Oki’s dogs are topped with chili and shredded pork. And what hot dog wouldn’t be made better with a slice of fried bologna on the bun, Hue wonders.

Melted cheese is also great: you might try Gruyere for a French flair, says OCElizabeth.

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