The new outpost of Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana in Pasadena is “easily among the best dozen of the new breed of Neapolitan pizzerias to hit L.A. in the last year,” says condiment.

A Neapolitan pizza baked in the traditional style means that the crust will not get crispy at all. Instead, the dough will have the consistency of a fresh pita right from the oven, with nice blackened spots, but entirely without crunch, says Peripatetic. At Settebello, the flavor of the pie is excellent, says Peripatetic, who nonetheless prefers a crispier crust. But for Jack Flash, who favors this type of pizza, Settebello is “spot on.”

Ogawak also felt Settebello has it “just right.” “I don’t care for really crispy crust,” Ogawak says. “My crusts need chew, firmness and flavor and Settebello is a real winner. They get that oven cooking at over 800 degrees F.”

If you’re like Peripatetic and enjoy a crackling crust, some hounds suggest that you order your Neapolitan pizza “well done,” which also adds a lovely caramelization to your toppings.

One word of warning: Appetizers at Settebello are not great, according to condiment, who says it’s largely due to poorly sourced ingredients. “[C]ottony tomatoes, Spaldeen-textured mozzarella di bufala, insipid oil. I hope it gets better, but I wouldn’t be laying down any bets,” says condiment.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana [Pasadena]
625 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

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