Owen’s Bistro is an unexpected wonder in the Inland Empire. It’s a reasonably priced, quasi-experimental bit of fine dining in an overlooked and dismissed chunk of Greater Los Angeles.

One especially intriguing menu item: an ever-changing s’mores-inspired dessert.

“The chef’s been experimenting a lot with a s’mores dessert,” says attran99. “I had a rendition in late July where it was a marshmallow pudding, graham cracker crust crumbles, chocolate ganache, and marshmallow brulee. A month later my sister had a more straightforward s’mores-like dish.” And this week, coconutz was served a chilled dessert of milk-chocolate ganache sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, and topped with marshmallow brûlée. “I was only going to have a bite or two but I ate it all,” coconutz says.

On the savory side, Owen’s Bistro is known for “The Camping Trip,” a showpiece dish where seared rare salmon is cooked over a hot river stone, topped with crisp potato slices, and served with salad greens and bacon dressing. It’s so popular that even though the restaurant prides itself on a seasonal menu, the customers won’t let the chef take the Camping Trip off the menu. coconutz also says that the chef turns out a fantastic puréed beet soup.

Owen’s Bistro [Inland Empire]
5210 D Street, Chino

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