Vinny’s on Broadway is a longtime favorite on the Boston board, and hounds have lots of menu recommendations. Though the pork chop with vinegar peppers—included on a list of Boston’s best pork dishes—remains a popular choice, many dishes shine.

The offerings at the antipasti buffet are on the unconventional side, but it could be a good choice, even for those who would not normally order an appetizer plate. “The mini-arancini are reason alone to take the $12.95 splurge,” Small Plates says of the breaded-and-fried rice balls.

Madrid thinks the house-made pasta at Vinny’s is outstanding, regardless of whether you order fusilli or mafalde. beetlebug concurs (“It just depends on what shape of pasta you want”) and suggests pairing the noodles with the restaurant’s “great eggplant parm.”

JoJo5‘s favorite is the stuffed veal chop, which is “large, perfectly cooked and juicy in a really delicious wine sauce.” Meanwhile, yumyum enjoys the braised rabbit and the bracciola. knclouse recommends the osso buco.

Finally, a word of warning: Vinny’s on Broadway goes by many names. It’s also known as Vinny’s at Night and Vinny’s Superette, but they all refer to the same location in East Somerville.

Vinny’s on Broadway [Somerville]
76 Broadway, Somerville

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