PaulF was getting his car washed, and while he was chillin’ and waiting for his vehicle to get buffed and dried, he discovered a barbecue place called Morfia’s Ribs and Pies in the same parking lot. The place is tiny and unassuming, but the verdict from PaulF: It’s great.

Hot links are truly hot, with a nice spice. “[I]t wasn’t unbearable, but this was no hot dog in BBQ sauce,” says PaulF. The ribs are juicy and tender, and the barbecued chicken is excellent, too, in a balanced sauce that is vinegary with a touch of sweetness. The sides, including soft collared greens and just-sweet-enough beans, are also delicious.

Lunch special number one is a sampler of a beef rib, a pork rib, six slices of hot link, and one or two side dishes, depending on how the lady behind the counter feels. It’s a bargain at $8.95.

Just don’t expect anything fancy. “Let’s put it this way,” says PaulF. “To wash up in their (very clean) restroom you have to go outside and walk past the car wash. Then you have to squeeze into the restroom because the door doesn’t quite open all the way—it bangs into the cooler full of Cokes.”

The Greek couple who own Morfia’s have spent most of their lives in Texas, and they took over the place in April.

Morfia’s Ribs and Pies [Westside – Beaches]
4077 Lincoln Boulevard, Marina del Rey

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