Panorama Bakery and Cafe is worth that extra trip, according to Jaleamia. Soon after returning home from this new Greek place with one of its pastries—which she and her husband swiftly devoured—she was back in the car to buy more “to get us through the weekend.”

This compelling sweet treat was ekmek kataifi, which consists of fine, shredded pastry in a light syrup topped with layers of airy custard, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of toasted almonds. “It was absolutely delicious!” Jaleamia declares. “I’m not Greek, so I can’t compare this ekmek to the one my mother made. All I can tell you is that it was wonderful.” (Some say the dessert has Turkish origins.) Jaleamia also recommends the tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and strawberry shortcake, which she says is light and well made if short on berries. Every item at the bakery, however, was notable for achieving just the right level of sweetness. Still on Jaleamia’s to-eat list at Panorama: breads and Greek cookies. “Worth a stop!” she promises. Maybe even two.

Panorama Bakery and Cafe [Whitestone]
10-30 154th Street (at 11th Avenue), Whitestone, Queens

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