Chinese long beans are related to black-eyed peas and look like superlong, skinny green beans (they can be 18 inches or longer). They are usually cut into shorter lengths before cooking and can be used like green beans, but hounds like them for specific dishes, too.

“When I first bought these at the farmers’ market, the woman who grew them suggested stir-frying with chiles, Sichuan pepper, and sesame oil,” says magiesmom. “They are marvelous that way.” “One of my favorite preparations is to cut them into 2-inch length, heat a wok to inferno, add a generous amount of peanut oil and working quickly add equal measures of minced garlic and ginger, red pepper flakes to taste, then add the beans,” says letsindulge. “Stir-fry just until the beans are cooked but still crunchy (~ 5 minutes), then drizzle with dark soy. Continue cooking for a few minutes longer until the soy caramelizes, and the beans are coated. Salt to taste.”

Fry some Thai red curry paste in oil, add in 3 tablespoons of coconut cream and fry until the oil separates, toss in chopped long beans, and stir-fry until tender, sprinkling in a little bit of water if needed, suggests luckyfatima. “Depending on what brand of curry paste you use, you may need to adjust for salt or add in a dash of fish sauce or what have you. The spicy curried coconut milk clinging to the beans is just delicious.” katecm loves these noodles with ground chicken and crispy shallots, a Thai-style recipe that includes long beans.

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