Trader Joe's Fruit Sauce Crushers

Trader Joe's Fruit Sauce Crushers

I Paid: $2.99 for four 3.17-ounce pouches (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 2 stars

Marketing: 5 stars

Mashed fruit in a bag that can be sucked out with a straw, Trader Joe’s Fruit Sauce Crushers are low in calories (60 per serving), portable, and made with healthful fruit. But there was a musty background note about them that made me wonder if they aren’t just a way for Trader Joe’s to use up overripe, funky produce.

The Apple variety tasted overly sweet, with a mealy, off finish. Apple Banana had the same problem. And the carrot flavor of the Apple Carrot variety was aggressively earthy. (As an important side note, my wife—whose tasting notes generally line up with my own—actually liked these. If you’re a Trader Joe’s fan already and want to take a chance on a snack, give the Fruit Sauce Crushers a shot and let us know in the comments section who was correct.)

But regardless of whether the Fruit Sauce Crushers are overly or merely acceptably funky, contrast them (as I did) with GoGo squeeZ, the lovely French-made applesauce-in-a-sack that I reviewed last summer. GoGo squeeZ tastes bright, clean, and fruity, and only costs about 30 cents more. With access to both, your choice should be clear.

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