Swankalicious thinks T.W. Food is “a lovely, underrated restaurant” and that the $45 prix fixe dinner is “one of the best deals in the city.” It’s a bit off the radar, and deserves more attention.

Bob Dobalina is in agreement after a recent meal there. Highlights included a black pepper and cabbage soup, which was “really light and creamy,” and a flat iron steak with roasted peppers and smoky tomato gazpacho (the steak was an additional $5). “It was the most tender cut of meat I’ve had in a long while,” says Bob. “Just great.”

In addition to the $45 prix fixe, T.W. Food has a grand tasting menu for $80, and there’s a vegetarian option as well. gini points out that the restaurant also offers an “absolutely fabulous” Sunday brunch, with “excellent house-made sausages.”

T.W. Food [West Cambridge]
377 Walden Street, Cambridge

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