You know the candy from the Japanese animated movie Spirited Away? “It’s the candy that’s fed to the little soot balls in the boiler room of the bathhouse,” says jillkehler. “Small, colourful, sugary star-shaped candies. Apparently it’s still authentically hand-made to this day, as it’s the only way to make the candy. I would love to get my hands on some of this!”

The candy is called kompeito or konpeito and it’s pretty, but “don’t expect it to taste very good,” warns Tripeler. “It’s basically just like rock candy and crunches like busted glass. However, if there are other reasons why you want it, then you are certain to be satisfied.”

“I agree—if you are expecting miniature versions of Willie Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers from the original movie you’ll be extremely disappointed,” says MoGa. “Tripeler has described them perfectly.”

“I’ve brought them back for Spanish family members as they are pretty and the name … means ‘with a little fart’—it’s the sort of base humour we can’t help but appreciate,” adds MoGa. “The fact that konpeito in Japanese is exactly the same as ‘con peito’ in Spanish is just one of life’s coincidences. The actual taste is…meh.”

“It’s just sweet without much flavor and should be called ‘dentists’ friend’ for its rock-like consistency,” says Kagemusha. “Hard to imagine but it has less flavor than Botan Rice Candy.”

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