Crisply fried appetizers and hearty sandwiches are impressing hounds at the Madrona Tree in Arlington. The casual restaurant, which opened last week, features food made with locally grown and organic ingredients. This sets prices slightly high, but reviews so far indicate that it is worth the extra cash.

grant.cook enjoyed the BLT with avocado, and says the veggie burger is great too. He and soxchik both like the onion rings, and think that the breading is particularly tasty. The fried green tomatoes come with avocado dip, and are cooked in the same breading as the rings. According to soxchik, portions of the sides are large enough to share.

soxchik also likes the vegan mini-burger wrap. “There was nothing mini about it at all,” she says. “It was a huge and very delicious wrap.”

grant.cook notes that the space is small, but as soxchik points out, there is outdoor seating available.

The Madrona Tree [North of Boston]
315 Broadway, Arlington

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