If you order the age tofu at Minako, don’t expect a few tastefully arranged cubes of fried tofu. They serve up a hollowed-out tofu box the size of an external hard drive, deep fried and filled with seasoned soy sauce and chopped scallions. It even has a deep-fried lid. Even a mechanical engineer won’t be able to eat it neatly with chopsticks, says Melanie Wong, but it tastes luscious even after it falls apart. The top is battered and crunchy, and the bottom soft, reaching near-gooeyness where the soy sauce has soaked through the batter. The sauce is potent and deliciously salty–and the box is big. Share it with a group if you can. Check out Melanie’s stunning photo.

Also recommended is a special of house-cured sake (salmon) sashimi with house-made honey-flavored pickled plum. Attentive, masterful curing gives the excellent cut of salmon just a little more firmness and flavor, and it’s made even more lovely by the mild, delicately sweet-and-tart pickled plums. If you like those, they apparently have some fine 1982 vintage pickled plums for you to try.

Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant [Mission]
2154 Mission St., San Francisco

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Minako Organic, San Francisco

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